2017 Stitch of Excellence Winner

Body Bottom

Inside, Ron's seating request was achieved using a quartet of 2000 Monte Carlo buckets, sculpted and reshaped by Gabe's Custom Interior in San Bernardino, California before being custom stitched in Irish Cream and Mocha colored leather with copper piping accents. A hand-built console bisects the seating and is home to a Gennie shifter and controls for the air conditioning and RideTech shocks. The console flows into the original dash, using custom trim and the original-style waffle-pattern stainless insert material to keep everything looking integrated. The A&M crew also extended the raised dash area over the gauge cluster to accommodate two extra gauge pods on the right side of the speedometer. The gauges themselves are from CON2R and mimic OEM '57 styling, but with Shomad lettering. Similarly, the American Retro steering wheel mirrors the original, but in a smaller diameter and with a custom A&M logo center insert.